Begoñazpi Ikastola (Basque Country)

  • Address: Jesus Galindez 15, Basque Country, 48004 (Bizkaia), Bilbao
  • Telephon: +34944005300
  • Homepage:
  • Principal: Nerea Begoña Lopategi
  • E-Mail: ikastola (at)
  • Contact: Estibaliz Borrajo
  • E-Mail:


Guernica Exhibition: Peace ✌️ Maker
Shine a Light supports those who promote peace ✌ and make this world a better place by their example. The[...]
The pupils from Bilbao say thank you
The pupils from Bilbao say thank you to the French pupils who sent them New Year postacards
Video Begonazpi Ikastola 4
Video Begonazpi Ikastola 3
Video Begonazpi Ikastola 2
Video from Begonazpi Ikastola 1
Museum At Begoñazpi School
After so much work done, here we can see the artists explaining their work. Enjoy!
Let´s do it!
In these pictures we can see the artists (third cycle students) working on their artworks. We will see what the[...]
One day at Begoñazpi Ikastola
Are our school, subject or timetable similar to yours? Would you like to visit us? Tell us about it!