We intend to continue with our intercultural work between European schools. In the future we will focus on storytelling, films, interactive performances. For kids, wanting to participate: Try

  • story readings,
  • covers,
  • voice impressions
  • animations
  • speedpaints
  • cosplays
  • commissions
  • singing
  • roleplaying

This site was formerly dedicated to Erasmus + project (formerly Comenius), based on the cooperation between several European schools of primary and secondary education. The work started in November 2014 and unites schools from Basque Country, Northern Ireland, Sweden and two schools from Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg).

The projects target

The projects artistic target is, as well as its participating schools, very diverse and wide-ranging. It promotes international cooperation, artistic reserach and intercultural learning. In addition it enhances the expertise to communicate in English. Through learning and comparing different work practices and school systems, the Erasmus + project also makes a significant contribution to their own school development.


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