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Carniny Visits Ulster Museum

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A visit to the Ulster Museum in Belfast gave Carniny pupils the chance to see another art exhibition!

Carniny Pupils‘ Artwork

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Carniny P5 pupils enjoyed painting their own „horse“ artwork after being inspired by a recent visit to an art gallery.

Carniny Pupils Visit Art Gallery

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At the end of February two classes from Carniny Primary School made a visit to the Void Gallery in Londonderry. We enjoyed looking at the art being exhibited as well as participating in workshops to create our own crafts. A fun day out, and a great start to our Erasmus+ project.IMG_0115[1] IMG_0125[1] IMG_0135[1] IMG_0138[1] IMG_0142[1] IMG_0147[1] IMG_0120[1] IMG_0116[1] IMG_0118[1] IMG_0107[1] IMG_0114[1]