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Museum At Begoñazpi School

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After so much work done, here we can see the artists explaining their work. Enjoy!

Let´s do it!

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In these pictures we can see the artists (third cycle students) working on their artworks. We will see what the result of so much work is!

Visit to the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

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In this video you can see the visit of students from fourth grade of Begoñazpi Ikastola to the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao. As shown in the recording students show the outside as well as the adjacent to the museum area to us.
Once inside the museum, we can see the different artworks they could see and study in more depth.

One day at Begoñazpi Ikastola

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Are our school, subject or timetable similar to yours? Would you like to visit us?

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